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Our new home compostable pouches are here, and they're "better" than ever!
Find relief with New Zealand grown hemp seed hearts containing vital minerals of manganese, magnesium, iron and zinc to give your body a helping hand to recover and restore.
Hemp Relief (previously names Good Vibes) is mindfully blended with centuries old medicinal herbs to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
Soothing spices of cinnamon and clove combined with fruity flavours of rosehip and elderberry warms you up from the inside out, helping you find true relief both physically and mentally. 
Contains 35 servings of Hemp Relief. 

Home Compostable Pouch:

Fueled by our relentless pursuit of better, these pouches embody our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and unparalleled quality. Crafted from premium plant-based materials, these pouches are designed to biodegrade naturally in your home compost bin within just 12 weeks. Each pouch has a recyclable tin tie ensuring that every sip of your premium tea is nothing short of divine. Indulge in the ultimate tea experience, where luxury meets sustainability, with our new home compostable pouches.

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